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Exam Requirements

Rank at JIKC is based on a balance of physical, mental, and spiritual development. Levels of advancement are represented by belts of various colors, starting with white belt and working towards the black belt, recognized all over the world as a symbol of fitness, skill, and the ability to defend oneself or others.

JIKC's step-by-step, systematic instructional method allows anyone, regardless of age or physical capabilities, to reach their own potential and obtain a level of black belt.

There are technical and class hour requirements for each rank. See the JIKC Exam Requirements (Adobe Acrobat Reader required). This document uses the Japanese terms, so you will be inspired to learn at least a few new words at each level! The requirements listed are only a sampling of your knowledge at each level. During regular training, you will likely cover much more.

Advancement requires a serious commitment from the student as well. Karate-do is more than a game you "play" or a sport you "do". Studying karate is more like going to school:

You pay tuition. Exam fees are the only other mandatory costs in the program.

Like anything else in life, if you give up on yourself in karate, you will fail. As long as you are serious, try hard, and never give up, you can earn your Black Belt.

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