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Japanese/Okinawan Translation Notes

This website spells out Japanese and Okinawan words using Romanji, a standard way of spelling out Japanese words phonetically using the same Roman alphabet as English.

Some linguistic conventions have been ignored in order to improve overall recognition and readability at a negligible cost of accuracy. For example, the diacritic for a long vowel sound, a bar over the letter, has been omitted ("dojo" instead of "dojo"), the shortened forms are not indicated ("Pinan" instead of "Pin'an"), and the 'n' sound is represented by that letter even when preceding the consonants 'm', 'b', and 'p' (giving "senpai" instead if "sempai" for example). You will see diacritics only when accuracy and context is important.

For Japanese names and titles, the family or surname is first, followed by the given name, then the title (if any). For example, Soke ("Founder") Kiyohisa (given name) Hirano (family name) is given in the Japanese form "Hirano Kiyohisa Soke".


This website makes use of HTML 4.0, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), and Unicode in order to provide the user with a convenient and user-friendly interface. For ease of use, view at 800x600 resolution or higher, and use the latest version of your favorite browser: Internet Explorer 5.01 or later,Netscape 4.08/4.76 or later, Opera 6 or later, or any release version Mozilla (recommend 1.0.1 or later) or Mozilla Firefox.

You may experience slight problems with fonts or JavaScript when using Netscape or Mozilla browsers on older versions of Linux. Linux users will have a better experience when using a 2.4 kernel based distribution and Netscape 6 (or later) or Mozilla 1.1 (or later) browser.

Some proxy servers or Internet security software may interfere with use of this web site. You may need to disable these in your settings in order to get the most from this website.

Use of PDF Files

This website features some PDF (Portable Document Format) documents. These are used whenever a document requires precise layout control for viewing or printing. Whereas HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) is rendered differently by different clients on different platforms, the PDF standard dictates how the information is rendered precisely. In general, information in PDF files on the screen may appear jagged or fuzzy at screen resolutions, but sharp at printer resolutions. PDF files on this website are intended to be printed for reference.

To view PDF files, you must have a PDF viewer such as the free Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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