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Kobudo Class

Kobudo, also known as Ryukyu Kobujutsu, is the study of Okinawan weaponry, and covers a wide range of traditional weapons, such as the bo (staff), sai, tonfa, nunchaku, and eiku (oar), to name a few. Kobudo training is voluntary for all lower-ranking students, but training with the bo (staff) is required after black belt.

Our dojos practice the art of Yamanni Chinen Ryu (or Yamanni Ryu, for short), focusing on the bo and the sai. This art has a rich history, and the form of this art has remained relatively unchanged throughout the centuries. The Yamanni Ryu system is distinct from other styles of Okinawan Kobudo, in that wide, sweeping strikes and continual flow are strongly emphasized, compared to the shorter, more abrupt methods of other systems.

We practice the following weapons kata:

Bo kata:

Donyu kon ichi

Donyu kon ni

Suuji no kun

Choun no kun sho

Choun no kun dai

Ryubi no kun

Sakugawa no kun

Shirataru no kun

Sai kata:

Saijutsu kihon kata  ichi

Saijutsu kihon kata ni

Kyan no sai

Nakandakari no sai

Kishaba no sai sho

Kishaba no sai dai

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